When the days are dark, And it seems all bleak, Stop for a moment, And just breathe... Remind yourself, Light shines the brightest in the dark, And perhaps its time, To change your mark... Seek for the door, Yet to be found, For if there's any, It shall end the days, That made you bound...… Continue reading Hope

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The Sunshine Blogger Award- Nomination #2

I cannot thank enough "The Scribblings" who nominated me for the amazing SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD. She is a really talented person. Besides, in case you are a book worm and love reading new novels, then you should surely visit her blog for some stupendous book reviews. Moreover, I would like to extend my gratitude to… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award- Nomination #2

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The Sunshine Blogger Award -Nomination

It was just a few months ago when I started this journey. I didn't know about what I will be writing or doing with my blog - "All you have to do is fly". But I knew that I had to start this (one of the few things in my life about which I was… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award -Nomination


I have seen it all.

I have seen it all. The sunrise, the sunset. The laughter, the sorrows. The today, the tomorrows. I have heard it all. The voices, the whispers. The truths, the rumours. The pain, the humour. I have felt it all. The happiness, the miseries. The love, the hate. The loneliness, the wait. So yes, I have...I… Continue reading I have seen it all.


Today will be better.

She wakes up every morning, In a hope that today will be better, That something won't hurt her, Like it did yesterday. She walks out of home, In order to pursue her dreams, With a smile on her face, Even if a part of her is broken within. She does what it takes, To be… Continue reading Today will be better.

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Let’s talk

Its so weird that when I decide to write something down, I struggle not only with words but also ideas. On the other hand, when I just think about the topic at an absolute random place and situation...I go on and on imagining things. It happens almost every time. So, this one is a completely… Continue reading Let’s talk

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Its been a year when I completed one of the most beautiful phase of my life. A stage of my life which wasn't as complicated as the adolescent me thought it was. In fact, I believe that was the best part ever, like everyone else's...yes I am talking about one's school life. The times when… Continue reading Nostalgia

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The times when she faced violence, The times when she kept silent, A storm was building up within her, That had the power to destroy. To destroy the evil. To demolish the wicked. So she decided to take a stand, For now she could no longer tolerate the man. And that... Made all the difference!! Follow… Continue reading Silent


I am sorry…

To the days that have been scary, To the nights that have been teary. I am sorry that you failed. Because here I...I still stand strong. To the fears that have tested me, To the anxieties that have twinged me. You failed too. Because I...I stand here even after facing it all.  To the darkness… Continue reading I am sorry…

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Why the name – ‘All you have to do is fly’?

Hello everybody, hope you guys are doing well. #butterfly #fly_free #made_by_me I am writing this post to tell why I chose this name for my blog. Well guys I wanted to start my own blog for a very long time but I couldn't for some reason. Maybe I was wondering if someone would even read… Continue reading Why the name – ‘All you have to do is fly’?