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Its been a year when I completed one of the most beautiful phase of my life. A stage of my life which wasn’t as complicated as the adolescent me thought it was. In fact, I believe that was the best part ever, like everyone else’s…yes I am talking about one’s school life.

The times when we used to laugh at the silliest of all jokes. When nobody was really worried about what others thought about them. When the absence of teacher meant longer time of absolute nuisance. The place where we loved to be, more than our homes…where we used to be with a family that we chose.

Even now when I look at the pictures of my golden days, it just makes me relive those moments.

Every picture is like a reminder that one can be just so happy and blessed…and that the happiness doesn’t stay forever. And I think that’s okay, because if it would have been forever…then I probably would not identify it to be, as I said, the best part of my life.

Sometimes I wonder how quickly everything changes…its like you blink…and there comes another chapter of your story or rather another book of a long series!

I have come a long way from where I left and I am sure the rest of them have too. Some who promised to stay, left, may be without realising…while with few others, connection grew stronger, even when it wasn’t expected.

I think that’s what life is all about…truly experiencing and relishing all the twists and turns….realising that people would come and go…some would stay longer than the others but eventually it will just be YOU who will stay with YOU till the very end.


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